And then there are those pictures

As a stay-at-home mom, I have developed quite a few “friends” who are actually friends…aka I met them online and now consider them my cousin. I was fortunate enough to birth my youngest at the only free-standing birth center in the panhandle of Florida. Through this center, I became friends with a whole sisterhood on Facebook. Many of these women still live in the area, but others have moved to live all over the world now.

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An “Earthy” Chicken

The hubs is a grill master! I really mean it! Lately he’s been working on putting together the perfect grilled chicken recipe…and let me tell you, it really is superb! Juicy, tender, with a golden crispy skin….it’s perfection on a plate.

I’ve been married now for almost 10 years (gasp! I know I don’t look a day over 25, right?), so I feel like it’s time to start dishing out some marital advice. So here it is, brought to you by the Hubs…if your man can grill a chicken like this, KEEP HIM!

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Explore the Outdoors!

I’m loving spring! Being back on the Eastern side of the US in the springtime is just inspiring. A little itchy, a lot of pollen, but very inspiring!

PBS puts on this wonderful outdoor festival every year called “Explore the Outdoors”. More than 50 venders came out to encourage parents, teachers, and children alike to get outside and explore their world. There was something for everyone! Organic food venders, Farmer’s markets, Outdoor Sporting vendors, Girl and Boy Scouts, national park workers, beekeepers, kayaking, canoeing, tree-climbing….and of course, Curious George! (Who is still rather scary to a 3-year-old, thank goodness. That line would’ve taken us all afternoon to get through!)

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