The Illuminate Light Show

I’m such a Christmas junkie. I really am. If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve seen how I broke down and bought some peppermint tea recently because it came in a Christmas box. That’s it. I don’t even drink tea. At least I didn’t. But now I do because some marketing genius knows my weakness. And it’s anything red, green, blue, with Santa hats and/or evergreen trees with bright bows and ribbons. I wonder if there’s a rehab facility for this. It’s probably like Bah Humbug Anonymous.

Anyway, my calendar is officially full. Like totally. At least 2, maybe 3 Christmas activities per week from here on out. Parades and pictures, gingerbread houses and sugar cookie decorating, parties and possibly caroling…and somewhere in between there will be a trip to the ice skating rink and hopefully a snowstorm or two. Oh and who can forget the endless amount of traditional Christmas movies and hot chocolate! What fun, what endless fun!

So to kick things off we went to the opening night of the Illuminate Light Show and Santa’s Village. What a beautiful experience! Well, it was beautiful for me and Grans, at least. The children were less than impressed, and the toddler screamed for approximately 45 of the 51 minutes it took to get there…and the same amount on the ride home. But the hot chocolate was some of the best I’ve ever had! Rich and creamy and thick and made with real ingredients (none of that package stuff that you add water to that tastes like, well, packaged stuff that you added water to).

The light show itself was set to music on the radio, and you simply drove around slowly watching the glittering lights dance to the preset music. It was spectacular! hqdefault Illuminate_sm Lighted-trees

For more information on this spectacular way to enhance your holiday season, check out their website! If you’re in the area, it’s a must-see! You won’t be disappointed!


And I minus well mention this now….pretty much all social media posts from here on out are likely to be centered around snow or candy canes or warm fires or hot cocoa or out-of-tune-caroling or presents or bows or figgie pudding (if anyone even knows what the heck that is) or decorating or lights or little people with green hats and shoes with bells or anything fuzzy….

Loving Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year….hence naming a child after the season. I love the crisp air, the leaf color, and most of all the anticipation of those timeless family traditions!

We’ve had a pretty busy fall season thus far. I knew as soon as October hit that the next 3 months were going to fly…and indeed we’re already to mid-November and I’m just now getting around to this post! We’ve been super-busy exploring the woods around our house, playing dress-up (Mommy scored some great deals on dress-up clothes at the after-Halloween bins!), doing leaf prints, and picking pumpkins. We even had a wonderful visit from two delightful grandmothers!

There are times in life where times seems to stand still. In the midst of my favorite season with my favorite traditions with my favorite little people, I’m trying desperately to grab hold of more and more of those moments. I tuck them away in my consciousness and bring them to the frontal lobe whenever I’m in need of a smile. Moments like watching my eldest trying to grab leaves as they fall from trees, and my youngest watching her every move and trying to be just like big sister.

Though the trees are almost bare where we’re at, I’m hoping that you too will be able to grab hold of some of your own moments. And perhaps glance a bit of heaven as you do…


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