Birds in the Snow

I cannot stop watching the birds in my yard. I don’t know why, but lately we’ve been inundated with birds. Could be that I keep putting out birdseed….

DSC_0021 DSC_0018

These red cardinals were just beautiful!! I couldn’t get enough!DSC_0022

That was day 1 of the snowstorm. Day 2 we woke up to this…

DSC_0013 DSC_0014


So of course I had to fill up the other bird feeder…

DSC_0032 DSC_0039 DSC_0040 DSC_0041

And then this mean guy showed up, and all the others flew away…

DSC_0067 DSC_0047

Oh and then there were these two, who had so much fun in the snow…

snowLV 12524086_10208542851669247_10549387586487213_n

And then the aftermath of the storm…

DSC_0086 DSC_0091

Stay warm, my friends <3

The Jewish Food Festival

I’m a culture fanatic! I’ve loved different cultures since the first time I stepped foot off American soil. Their traditions, religions, dresses, holidays….but most of all, the FOOD!! Love me some cultural food! It never seems to dissapoint!

On the back wall they had 3 clocks…1 for the time here, 1 for the time in Jerusalem, and 1 for the Hebrew year (which is 5775, by the way)
I just loved seeing all the Hebrew everywhere!
The girls even met a new friend!

Jewish6 Jewish1

We chose the corned beef, broccoli kugel, and sweet potato tzimmes. I also got the girls a kosher hot dog in order to try to occupy them before they ate all my food….it didn’t work so well. They’re like vultures! My friend Carley came with us and treated us to a cornucopia of desserts, including chocolate¬†hamantashen cookies, rugelach, and my favorite…baklava!

Chocolate-Filled-Hamentaschen-575x381 rugelach

And of course, ever since I’ve been scouring the internet for a good baklava recipe. Any suggestions? I wonder how I can make my own filo dough…

I was thinking about my own culture and what we might do at a food festival. Casseroles, hands down. Which is basically what happens every single Sunday at any given Southern Baptist Church. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing! Cause it’s tradition and culture and history and community….all rolled up in a creamy, cheesy, buttery dish. Gotta love culture!


Snow Day!!

Finally! It has taken for-ev-er to snow this season!!

Snow play with little ones: Basically an hour of prep work is require. There’s layers of clothing, lots of tugging and pulling. And sometimes the kids are difficult to get dressed as well ūüėÄ

This would be my threenager explaining to me how I’m not playing snow right.


Then we go outside. There’s a lot of entranced looking around while mom and dad make snowballs, snowmen, and all other things snow-related¬†(mostly dad while mom tries desperately to capture the fleeting moments on camera) . There’s some running around. Then there’s that first touch of snow which can really go either way. Either this joyous, enchanted¬†expression of complete¬†awe…or the screaming that entails¬†because the snow is on their glove and it won’t get off.


About 5 minutes later, the cold has set in and the promised popcorn, Sofia the First, and hot chocolate is now collectable.

It doesn’t last long, but it is sure to be a beautiful time for all. What is it about the softness of the falling snow and the white countryside that is so mesmerizing?

My faithful dog seems to be the only one willing to sit still enough these days for a photo op.

In other news, I’m happy to say that I think I’m doing pretty good my New Year Resolutions!¬†I haven’t written them down or anything, but they pretty much just involve pampering myself more. Years ago, before the beginning of motherhood, I remember talking to a mother about a point in her life in which she felt she had kind of lost herself. It was late in the morning when the UPS guy arrived, and she had to answer the door in her bathrobe because she had still not gotten dressed for the day.¬†She vowed then and there to not let that happen again.

I’ve thought about her story numerous times as I’m sitting in my pajamas at lunchtime. There’s nothing wrong with that by any means, but I think I finally understand her story a little more. It wasn’t that she was lazy and chose to not get¬†dressed, but perhaps more to the point was that she put everyone and everything else in the house ahead of herself. Teethe were brushed, breakfast was made, lunch was packed, schedules were made, bills were paid, appointments were scheduled, reading time and play time had happened, diapers had been changed, toilets had been cleaned, laundry had been done…but as for herself (myself), hair had not been brushed, nor teeth, nor clothes put on let alone makeup!

So this year my goal is to put me first a little more. I love what Jada Smith had to say about it. It is such a difficult concept to grasp and apply, but the truth is if my cup is empty, I cannot pour out myself to others.

Happy belated New Years! May your cup runneth over this year!