Yorktown Beach and Goodbye to Summer

This week we went with a mom group to the beach….for the first and I guess last time this summer. Oh, summer….how can you be so long and so short at the same time??

This beach was so cute! It definitely had that whimsical charm to it, complete with a massive sale boat that looked like Jack Sparrow was going just right out of! I bet it’s just beautiful during Christmas!

IMG_0104 (2) IMG_0103 IMG_0094

Photo Credits: http://www.visitwilliamsburg.com/attractions/yorktown/
Photo Credits: http://www.visitwilliamsburg.com/attractions/yorktown/

Ok….now that I got that day of summer nostalgia out of the way….BRING ON THE FALL!!! (and die, fruit flies….die….)



Busch Gardens!!

Prior to bearing children, I used to wonder about parents at amusement parks. Some of them looked downright miserable, being dragged around from ride to ride while carrying purses and diaper bags and pushing strollers and wagons. I felt bad for them, and thought about how much it would suck to not be able to ride all the fun roller-coasters or adrenaline-pumping rides. I was sure that I would never want to visit an amusement park with kids if all I could do was walk around the kiddie areas. I kind of wish someone would’ve told me how much more fun it is to see an amusement park through the eyes of a child!

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