The Cloud in a Jar Science Experiment!

One of the best things about homeschooling is being able to do so many fun projects! I’ll also thank Pinterest for this gift as well. When I was in school, we did baking soda and vinegar in a volcano and that was the coolest thing ever! And now?! Now I know how to make weather in a jar! And it’s freaking cool!!!


It’s also soooo easy! If you’d like to do this with your kids (or pets, or by yourself because it’s that awesome), all you’ll need is:

  • a glass jar with a lid
  • ice
  • boiling water
  • hairspray

Pour the boiling water into the jar. Spray some hairspray in the jar before you add the lid. Place ice cubes on top of the lid and watch the magic happen!

DSC_0045 DSC_0047 DSC_0049 DSC_0051

Why the hairspray? Because it gives the water vapor a surface to condense on to.Thi

Man I love science! Is this cool or what?!? Now…if I can only make it lightning in a jar without burning the house down. Hummm…. #goals

Tag me on Instagram if you try this one yourself! And thanks for stopping by!

The End of Summer…the beginning of YouTube!

I’m so excited about both of these things! Summers are not my favorite, and this year has been no exception. It’s been hot and sometimes miserable, and the ever-present excitement of the new school year has been looming over my head…in a very good way. Kindergarten starts this year for my 5-year-old, and so our first year of “real” homeschooling begins!

And because that’s not challenging enough, I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel…mostly because I’ve been inside all summer thanks to the heat watching DIY videos, and I’m pretty super-inspired. And fall is on the way and so is school and fun and fun and fun…and yes, I’m pretty excited!!!!

So school is starting for us tomorrow! After testing the water for 2 years of preschool, I’ve determined that in order to homeschool we’re going to have to be year-round people. AKA…mama needs a break every 4-6 weeks, so we’re just going to shoot for small goals and go from there. I’m notorious for trying to pack WAY too much into our school time, something that I’ve had to learn the hard way this past year while trying to do school with a new baby. 4-6 time slots give me just enough time to cram in a whole lot, while giving myself a breather to rest and recharge. I’m pumped!

So a good ending to summer was a trip to a Sunflower Festival…pick as many free sunflowers as you’d like! It was wonderful! And while I know that we still have a solid 6 weeks left of summer, my planting guide is telling me to go ahead and plant some kale and broccoli, and the craft stores already have out their fall spread. So I’m calling it…goodbye summer, HELLO PUMPKIN SPICE!

IMG_7330 IMG_7328 IMG_7318