Preschool Week 2: Friendship Week

Week two of preschool was supposed to be farm week, but my local farmer (who is a genius) politely explained to me that unless I want my kids eaten up with ticks, I might want to postpone farm week until October sometime. He’s smart. He’s really really smart.

As I am teaching her how to have emotional intelligence, I am also learning boatloads myself. We are both students at this school.

So we did friendship week instead, which turned out to be perfect.My preschooler possesses a preschooler brain and preschool-sized emotions….a lot of them. And while I’m often quick to try to get her to behave a certain way, it is much more important to me that she understand the meaning behind behavior…and for me to understand that meaning as well.

This is after telling her not to put her feet on the table. So she didn't put her feet on the table....arrrggg....
This is after telling her not to put her feet on the table. So she didn’t put her feet on the table….arrrggg….

So I pulled some different children faces off the internet and attached emotions to them. I then put them on cardboard, cut, and laminated them into emotion cards. We went through the cards, and she pointed out what she thought each child was feeling. We name of scenarios of why they might be feeling that way, and related those experiences to recent play dates. We learned a few ASL signs this week, including friends, alike, and different, so we incorporated that into our discussion. Who looked alike? Who looked different? Who felt the same? Who felt different?

We did this for 30 minutes. And then a miracle happened! She wanted to share her new toy!

I found this gem at a local store for $2 this past week (I grabbed 3 of them, of course), and thought it would be great to make friendship bracelets with our friends. After our lesson on day 1, she grabbed her new kit and went to her friend’s house to share! It was amazing!

Our field trip of the week was going to Mommy and Me (And Daddy Too). This place is crazy busy with children everywhere! I love it! Vendors come and bring crayons and markers and crafts and bubbles. There’s always some free toy for the kids and live entertainment. Though I’m pretty sure the kids would be just fine with each other and the train playground set.

IMG_0197 IMG_0194I got this great book off craigslist for virtually nothing on face painting and decided to start prepping for Halloween. That turned out to be a bad idea when my kids decided it was their turn to paint my face…

IMG_0201Aldi has become one of my favorite places to grocery shop, and this past week I was able to pick up a preschool workbook for $5! It is now my go-to for when the printer isn’t working or I didn’t have time to prepare for a lesson. The first part is simply trying to draw a straight line. I think she really enjoyed the challenge!

IMG_0218The thing I love about Montessori teaching is how easy it is. The toddler can participate as well in her own way. This past week she found a new game of putting money into different parts of a lunch container. I think it kept her occupied for at least 10 minutes, maybe 20!

IMG_0226We ended our school week with a friendship chain, adding all our friends’ names to it and uniting us all together. My Dancing Diva thought it was beautiful!

IMG_0235Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!
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Yorktown Beach and Goodbye to Summer

This week we went with a mom group to the beach….for the first and I guess last time this summer. Oh, summer….how can you be so long and so short at the same time??

This beach was so cute! It definitely had that whimsical charm to it, complete with a massive sale boat that looked like Jack Sparrow was going just right out of! I bet it’s just beautiful during Christmas!

IMG_0104 (2) IMG_0103 IMG_0094

Photo Credits:
Photo Credits:

Ok….now that I got that day of summer nostalgia out of the way….BRING ON THE FALL!!! (and die, fruit flies….die….)



And we’re back!

Sincere apologies for being absent while we had a death in the family. While we are still mourning, we are finally getting back into a normal flow of life again and looking forward to the days and weeks to come! I’m taking a break this week from any kind of pre schooling to try to get back into a flow…aka my RV is a disaster and I feel the need to do some extensive cleaning.

In about 10 days time, we made not one but 2 car trips up to Boston. The first to say goodbye, and 2 days later to go to his memorial, which was more like a party than a memorial. My father-in-law was a very loved man, as evident from the people who came from all over to pay their respects at his party. He had a short, fierce battle with alzheimer’s. My sister-in-law put out jars of Worther’s candy all around, his favorite. In his last month, my mother-in-law would bring the candy to him all the time, the jar constantly running empty. Finally the nursing staff asked her to stop. She inquired if it was too much sugar for him, which they replied no, but he kept throwing the candy at them whenever he got upset. This will always make me smile.

My favorite picture of my father-in-law holding my firstborn.
My favorite picture of my father-in-law holding my firstborn.

The girls were amazing during our 2800-mile-trip that spanned the course of 4 days. A-MA-ZING! To stick a toddler and a preschooler in the car for that long is torture for everyone, but they really did so good! And I got to see NYC, though we weren’t too happy about the $14 toll to go through the Bronx during rush hour. Then again, is there ever an hour in NY that’s not “rush hour”? That’s probably as close as I’ll ever get to the city, and I think I’m ok with that….

20150702_143106 20150705_151956

Somehow we passed right by Hershey, PA 3 times and never got a chance to stop. Being that that is unacceptable, The Hubs made it right.

20150712_095725I’m excited to get back into the swing of things again! July is looking to be a very exciting month indeed!