Melody Magic Studio!

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Meet Ms. Katherine! She is one of the awesome teachers at this fabulous place we found called Melody Magic Music Studio. This past week they had a free open house to check out their summer programs.Melody Magic Whistle

Melody Magic Studio offers Kindermusik classes, which I have heard about but never really explored. Kindermusik is kind of cool in that it combines the universal language of music into an brain-stimuating class. They have classes for babies through 5 years old, each class offering unique movements and music to stimulate brain development. The benefits of such classes include early literacy, social-emotional skills essential for school readiness, creativity, and gross and fine-motor skills.

It gave me a lot of ideas of what we can do at home on rainy days this summer. There was a lot of shaking, stomping, and clapping. For someone like myself who still has no idea how to play with children, even after  3 years of parenting, places like these are lifesavers! It’s so nice to see children playing and learning in a fun environment.

Melody Music Studio

Melody Magic Studio LV

LV always has a difficult time getting excited about new things. Sometimes she just needs to hang out on Mom’s lap for a while until she feels a little more comfortable.

With each dance they handed out something new, asking the children to put away the previous objects. At first it was shakers and rattles. Not only were the children encouraged to shake the rattles, but they were also encouraged to stop shaking them on cue. (Hmm….how to make that work at home….)

Next came the scarves. Ms. Katherine played some music, and when the notes went high in the register, the children waved their scarves above their heads. Then the music went into the bass region, where they were encouraged to wave their scarves low for the low notes.

After that it was using hands and feet to tap out the beats. Amazingly enough, Autumn started tapping the ground on cue!

Melody Magic Studio pat the floorMelody Magic Studio floor play

I was really amazed at how well all the kids shared. I feel like I’m always learning about life from my kids. Autumn has become quite the social butterfly, and had no issues at all going up to other children and giving (or taking) them shakers.

Melody Magic Studio Shaker Melody Magic Studio put away For those who live in the area and are interested in having some musical fun, summer classes start next week. They range from babies through preschoolers. For more information on classes and playdates, click here.

For more information on Kindermusik, as well as products specifically for small children music classes and school locations, click here.


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