Explore the Outdoors!

I’m loving spring! Being back on the Eastern side of the US in the springtime is just inspiring. A little itchy, a lot of pollen, but very inspiring!

PBS puts on this wonderful outdoor festival every year called “Explore the Outdoors”. More than 50 venders came out to encourage parents, teachers, and children alike to get outside and explore their world. There was something for everyone! Organic food venders, Farmer’s markets, Outdoor Sporting vendors, Girl and Boy Scouts, national park workers, beekeepers, kayaking, canoeing, tree-climbing….and of course, Curious George! (Who is still rather scary to a 3-year-old, thank goodness. That line would’ve taken us all afternoon to get through!)

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A Great Day for a Revolution!

We had the opportunity to attend the 234th anniversary of the 1781 Battle of Petersburg reenactment this weekend. If you ever get the opportunity to see one of these things you should. It’s been on my bucket list for years….ever since I saw an episode of Psyche that just made it look like fun. (And if you ever get a chance to sign a petition to bring back Psyche, do that too. And send it my way. I’m still having Psyche-withdrawls 🙁 )

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The Children’s Museum of Richmond

A friend of mine told me that the local children’s museum is doing a special of 15 cents admission for kids on the 15th day of each month during 2015! I was thrilled! And then I thought, surely no one else will be there since all the kids are in school, right? Right?

Ever heard of “field trips”? Yea…duh. 15 cents admission is just an invitation for every elementary school in Richmond to take an inexpensive educational field trip.

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