Welcome to Earth Baby Girl!

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Our 3rd little angel made her way earthside this past Wednesday morning after what seemed like an eternity of waiting. She arrived 4 days past her due date, something I was not expecting at all. I have never been big on due dates for that very reason, but since my other 2 had come on time or before, I felt pretty confident that she would’ve been here last week. As the days ticked on, I could feel my anxiety rising. It’s often difficult enough to keep worried thoughts at bay as a mom, but when things don’t go as expected, it goes up a notch or 10.

But thankfully and gratefully, all is well, and ironically enough she is my smallest baby! I was sure she was going to top my toddler (who weighed in at 8 lbs at birth), but she came in at just 7 lbs 11 oz! Crazy how that works!

I don’t think it comes at much of a surprise anymore when people find out I opted for a home birth again. Even the stranger at the park didn’t blink when I told her I was planning a home birth….she said she actually guessed I would say that based on my kids’ names and my overall vibe. It’s a stereotype I’m pretty happy to sport. But for those who haven’t heard me ramble on and on about midwives, I’m pretty passionate about them. I’ve had the pleasure of working with 3 amazing ones, and with the end of each birth I become more and more in awe of the work they do. The sacrifices they make for their line of work are truly endless. They are on call 24/7/365, through graduations, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, dance recitals, and baseball games. And their knowledge is so extensive. This time around I was fortunate to be under my midwife‘s care for the entire pregnancy, something I didn’t get to experience with my other 2. I had gotten her name about a week before finding out I was pregnant, which was great since she only takes 3 clients a month! For those who have never been under a midwife’s care, it’s fabulous! Luxurious, even. Midwife literally means “with woman”. When I have been under a physician’s care, I was granted no more than 15 minutes per appointment, and usually each appointment was with a different practitioner. The difference with a midwife is that each appointment was at least an hour…AN HOUR! And of course it’s with the same midwife, giving me plenty of opportunity to get to know her and express any questions or concerns I have. So much of her wisdom and knowledge extends far beyond pregnancy and birth. I think Jim Gaffigan explains the reasoning behind home birth best…

My labor was the shortest and easiest of all 3 (not to say that it was easy, but it was far easier!). Some of it was done in the quietness of the night while the rest of the family slept, surrounded with my Halloween decorum and candlelight…and laundry, of course. I’d like to think of myself as one of those peaceful birth mothers, but in fact by the end there was quite a bit of cursing and yelling…probably enough to make a sailor blush. But at least my birth room was set up to be a peaceful place, complete with some zen music, encouraging words, and candlelight. It was my most ideal birth yet, with the other 2 girls in the living room eating breakfast and watching TV while their sister made her debut to the world. She made her appearance at 4:35am, only 5 1/2 hours after the start of labor! And while the world sipped their coffee to begin the day, our day started off with mimosas and baby cuddles…also known as heaven on earth!

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A HUGE thank you to Kim with Selah Midwifery Services, who is just phenomenal! She’s my new hero! And to my awesome mother-in-law for stepping in to care for my other girls while we adjusted to this new little life.

And now for the hardest part…the next 18 years!



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